Building a niche SaaS with Co-Founder Lukas Hermann

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Imagine stepping into the dynamic world of event management, where every second counts and precision is key. This latest podcast episode offers just that – a deep dive into the innovative universe of through the eyes of Lukas Hermann, founder of StageTimer. isn’t your typical SaaS platform; it’s a game-changer in the event and video production industry. With Hermann at the helm, this tool has revolutionized the way events are timed, ensuring seamless transitions and perfect execution.

In this episode, Hermann shares his journey from conception to success, offering valuable insights into the world of niche SaaS products. Prepare to be captivated by a story that’s not just about technology but also about vision, determination, and understanding market needs.

Who is Lukas Hermann?

Lukas Hermann is the co-founder of He has paved the way for innovative solutions in event management. His journey is one of curiosity, problem-solving, and persistence., Lukas’ brainchild, is not just a countdown timer; it’s the backbone of event timing, ensuring every segment runs like clockwork.

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Summary of the Podcast

Introduction to

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Lukas Hermann, the co-founder of, discusses the unique position of his product in the SaaS space. Unlike common SaaS focuses like Twitter tools or marketing platforms, serves the event and video production industry by providing a sophisticated countdown timer to manage event timings. This tool is essential for managing schedules in production rooms, helping to coordinate various segments of events efficiently.

The Evolution of

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Lukas explains the basic functionality of, designed for event managers and speakers to keep track of their speaking slots. He shares the unexpected complexity behind the seemingly simple idea of a countdown timer and how it evolved to meet the intricate needs of event management.

Finding a Niche Market and Initial Challenges

Timestamp: [04:27]

Starting as a small test case in the SaaS world, was developed over a weekend and posted on Reddit, where it received surprisingly positive feedback. Lukas talks about recognizing a market opportunity when he couldn’t find a simple, efficient timer solution online. This led to the development of, initially as a learning experience in SaaS products and pricing strategies.

Growth and Scale

Timestamp: [05:29]

Lukas discusses the company’s current scale, with around $8,000 MRR and over 1,500 lifetime customers. He dives into the challenges of setting pricing strategies in SaaS, emphasizing the importance of understanding customer needs and adapting pricing models accordingly. introduced a one-time purchase option alongside subscriptions, significantly reducing churn rates and catering to the unique demands of their client base.

SEO and Marketing Strategies

Timestamp: [09:28]

Lukas shares his journey in boosting’s online presence, from zero to over 10K organic visits in just a year. He highlights the effectiveness of targeting low volume, high intent keywords in a niche market, and the balance between creating in-house content and outsourcing. Understanding the specific buying behaviors in their industry was key to their SEO success.

Building a Company with a Spouse

Timestamp: [21:34]

The podcast touches upon the personal side of entrepreneurship, discussing the dynamics of running a business with a spouse. Lukas shares insights into the challenges and advantages of working closely with a life partner, emphasizing the importance of separating business discussions from personal life and the unique perspectives it brings to business conversations.

Future Plans and Vision

Timestamp: [28:00]

Lukas reflects on the future trajectory of, considering it a nearly ‘complete’ product within its scope. He talks about the potential of running the business with minimal active management in the future, while also exploring new projects that expand beyond the current scope of

Founder’s Challenges and Lessons

Timestamp: [31:22]

The podcast concludes with Lukas sharing candid experiences about the challenges he faced, particularly with previous business partnerships and dealing with administrative and tax issues. He emphasizes the importance of responsibility, tackling problems head-on, and the invaluable lessons learned from overcoming these challenges.


This podcast episode with Lukas Hermann is full of insights for anyone interested in the event management industry and how technology can innovate this forgotten niche. It’s a masterclass in identifying a market gap and innovatively filling it.

Hermann’s journey with is a testament to the power of niche SaaS products in transforming industries. For anyone looking to understand the nuances of creating a product that not only meets but anticipates customer needs, this episode is a must-listen.

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