Building an 8-figure ARR SaaS with Juan Camilo Meisel, founder of Grip

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In this episode of our podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Juan Camilo, founder of Grip, a trailblazing company transforming direct-to-consumer shipping for perishable products. This episode covers the evolution of consumer behavior.

Imagine a world where your frozen goods arrive perfectly at your doorstep, defying traditional logistics challenges – that’s the world Juan Camilo is creating.

“In the last decade, consumer expectations have shifted radically, and Grip is at the forefront of meeting these new demands,” Juan shares.

Who is Juan Camillo?

Juan Camilo, founder of Grip, has been a marketer to the head of logistics at Butcher Box, and is now building Grip. Grip is redefining how perishable products are shipped directly to consumers.

In a world increasingly leaning towards online shopping, Grip addresses a critical gap – ensuring that your frozen steak or delicate pharma drugs reach you in impeccable condition. 

Juan’s expertise and Grip’s innovative solutions position them as pivotal players in modern logistics, making them the industry game-changers.

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Summary of the Podcast

Modernizing Direct-to-Consumer Shipments

Timestamp: [00:00]

Juan Camilo begins by discussing the evolution of consumer behavior in direct-to-consumer shipments, particularly for perishable products. He explains how Grip is addressing the technological lag in this sector by introducing advanced systems to align with current consumer expectations. This segment highlights the innovative approach of Grip in revolutionizing the industry.

Transition from Marketing to Logistics

Timestamp: [01:17]

Juan shares his journey from marketing to logistics at Butcher Box, emphasizing the importance of an operator mindset in logistics. His experience in addressing logistical challenges at Butcher Box, such as reducing shipping costs and optimizing packaging, laid the foundation for his role in Grip. This part of the conversation provides insights into cross-functional career progression.

Origin of Grip’s Core Idea

Timestamp: [04:23]

Here, Juan discusses how his experiences at Butcher Box inspired the core idea behind Grip. He talks about the strategic allocation of resources in direct-to-consumer companies and the need for specialized logistics solutions. This segment is crucial for understanding the inception of Grip and its mission to optimize logistics for perishable goods.

Grip’s Approach to Dynamic Decision Making

Timestamp: [09:27]

Juan explains Grip’s innovative approach to logistics, shifting from static to dynamic decision-making. Using real-time data, Grip optimizes shipping conditions, such as the amount of dry ice and box sizes, based on various factors. This part is particularly insightful for understanding Grip’s unique value proposition in the logistics market.

Company Building and Funding

Timestamp: [11:27]

Juan shares insights into building Grip, including raising $2.1 million in funding and selecting strategic investors. He stresses the importance of value addition and sustainable company growth. This section is informative for entrepreneurs and investors, showcasing a strategic approach to startup funding and growth.

Team Composition and Company Growth

Timestamp: [14:10]

Discussing the team at Grip, Juan highlights their focus on engineering and operations, with no dedicated marketing or sales teams. He attributes the company’s significant growth to its strong product focus and organic referrals. This segment provides a unique perspective on building a successful team and acquiring customers organically.

Customer Segments and Pricing Strategy

Timestamp: [17:51]

Juan categorizes Grip’s customer segments into large-scale companies like Butcher Box, mid-tier companies, and renowned brands exploring direct-to-consumer channels. He outlines how Grip’s services cater to diverse business sizes and needs. This part of the discussion is particularly relevant for businesses considering logistics solutions.

Future Vision for Grip

Timestamp: [20:01]

In concluding, Juan shares his vision for Grip in the next five years, aiming to become the leading company in the logistics space, driven by a strong product focus and deep understanding of customer pain points. This final segment offers a glimpse into the ambitious future plans of Grip.


This podcast episode with Juan Camilo is a blueprint for innovation in the face of evolving market needs. Juan’s story from Butcher Box to founding Grip, his approach to dynamic decision-making, and his strategic vision for the company all underscore the essence of forward-thinking leadership in a rapidly changing industry.

For anyone looking to understand the future of direct-to-consumer logistics or seeking inspiration to innovate in their field, this episode is a treasure trove. Tune in to the full episode for an enriching deep dive into the world of modern logistics.

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