Buying SaaS, AI Integration in Startups | Interview with Stefan Wirth, Founder of SwiftBrief

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In a fascinating exploration of the SaaS world, our latest podcast episode features Stefan Wirth, co-founder of SwiftBrief. Stefan’s unique experience in acquiring, rather than founding, a company offers a fresh perspective on the tech landscape. “Starting from scratch is challenging,” Stefan notes, “but acquiring a company brings its own set of intriguing complexities.” This insight sets the stage for an episode filled with valuable lessons for anyone intrigued by the SaaS industry.

Who is Stefan Wirth?

Stefan Wirth is the founder of SwiftBrief, a company revolutionizing how SEO agencies approach content. By automating content brief creation, SwiftBrief has made significant strides in the industry, helping companies streamline their content strategies effectively.

You can follow Stefan on LinkedIn and Twitter for more insights into his entrepreneurial journey.

Summary of the Podcast:

The SwiftBrief Acquisition Journey

Timestamp: [00:00 – 04:13]

Stefan delves into his decision to acquire SwiftBrief, highlighting the potential he saw in an already established product.

“Finding a product that people not only want but are willing to pay for is a golden opportunity,” Stefan reflects. This acquisition, initiated through an unexpected Twitter encounter, marked the beginning of a new chapter for SwiftBrief.

SwiftBrief’s Role in the Market

Timestamp: [01:09 – 02:16]

SwiftBrief emerges as a pivotal tool in content creation, primarily serving SEO agencies. Stefan explains, “It automates the laborious task of content briefing, providing a structured foundation for writers to build upon.”

Post-Acquisition Strategy and Growth

Timestamp: [04:46 – 07:27]

Post-acquisition, Stefan focused on rebuilding the infrastructure and reaching out to potential customers, like Flavio, who became a key marketing partner. This partnership has been instrumental in refining SwiftBrief’s product and expanding its market reach.

This shows how you should always talk to customers in your early stages.

Integrating AI in SwiftBrief

Timestamp: [09:45 – 13:36]

Stefan discusses the integration of AI technologies, specifically GPT, into SwiftBrief, to enhance content outlining. He candidly shares the challenges faced, such as response delays, underscoring the evolving nature of AI technology and the drawbacks of building and relying on an external platform.

Future Directions and Business Model Evolution

Timestamp: [14:08 – 21:12]

Looking ahead, Stefan shares his vision for SwiftBrief’s future. Initially considering a sale, the potential for further growth has shifted this view. “We’re exploring a portfolio approach,” he says, emphasizing a flexible business model that allows for strategic pivots and continuous adaptation to the market’s needs.


This podcast episode with Stefan Wirth provides a rare glimpse into the SaaS world, focusing on acquisition, growth strategies, and AI integration. Stefan’s journey with SwiftBrief is not just about business growth; it’s a story of innovation, strategic partnerships, and navigating the ever-changing tech landscape.

We highly recommend listening to the full episode for more in-depth insights and to learn more about Stefan Wirth and SwiftBrief’s exciting journey in the SaaS industry.

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