Data-Driven Content Creation with Arie Stavchansky (Founder of DataClay)

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In this episode of our podcast series, we delve into the world of data-driven content creation with Arie Stavchansky, founder of DataClay. This episode is a journey into the heart of creativity, meeting data, where the boundaries of video production and graphic design are constantly being pushed.

Arie, with his rich background and innovative mind, takes us through the nuances of this niche, shedding light on how DataClay is revolutionizing the industry. Imagine a world where the monotonous becomes effortless, where each piece of data tells a story – that’s the world Arie and DataClay are crafting.

“It’s not about the data; it’s about the story it tells,” says Arie, capturing the essence of this intriguing discussion.

Who is Arie Stavchansky?

Arie Stavchansky, the founder of DataClay, has a background that spans visual effects, motion graphics design, and academia. Arie brings a unique blend of creativity, technical prowess, and educational insight to the table.

DataClay, his brainchild, seamlessly integrates data into video production, transforming the way content is created. DataClay’s software is a bridge between raw data and compelling storytelling, catering to a diverse range of clients from advertising agencies to broadcasters.

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Summary of the Podcast

Introduction to DataClay’s Mission

Timestamp: [00:00]

Arie Stavchansky, founder of DataClay, begins the podcast by discussing the core problem that DataClay aims to solve: streamlining workflow in post-production and motion graphics design. Stavchansky explains how DataClay addresses the challenges of incorporating large amounts of data into video content, which is often a laborious process for their clients.

DataClay’s Clientele and Services

Timestamp: [00:43]

Diving deeper, Stavchansky outlines DataClay’s typical clientele which includes professionals in sports, gaming, advertising agencies, technology companies, and broadcasting. He highlights how their software serves as a bridge between creative and developmental work, aiding both developers and designers in the video content creation process.

The Genesis of DataClay

Timestamp: [02:10]

Stavchansky shares his journey in founding DataClay. With a background in visual effects and motion graphics design, he recognized the monotonous nature of re-versioning content for different languages and markets. This realization led him to develop a software solution to automate these processes, which evolved into DataClay.

Growth and Distribution Strategies

Timestamp: [04:06]

The discussion shifts to how DataClay initially grew its customer base. Stavchansky mentions their partnership with a New York City-based reseller, AE Scripts, which was pivotal in introducing their product to a broader market. He also discusses the evolution of their marketing strategies, including setting up a direct-to-consumer storefront and implementing an affiliate marketing program.

Sales and Enterprise Focus

Timestamp: [07:47]

DataClay’s approach to sales, particularly in the enterprise sector, is explored. Stavchansky explains the varying sales cycles for solopreneurs versus larger enterprises and how DataClay caters to both. He notes a trend towards more enterprise clients, driven by their interest in developing systems using DataClay’s software.

Team Structure and Customer Engagement

Timestamp: [10:49]

Stavchansky outlines the team structure at DataClay, emphasizing the importance of customer discovery and support. He describes their comprehensive approach to engaging with large clients, involving various team members including sales, support, and technical leads.

Importance of Documentation and Demonstrations

Timestamp: [14:19]

Highlighting the significance of educational content, Stavchansky talks about the extensive library of video demos on YouTube and the role of detailed documentation in customer education and SEO.

Longevity and Adaptability in Tech

Timestamp: [19:03]

Reflecting on being nine years into DataClay, Stavchansky shares insights on the importance of embracing new technologies like AI and the necessity of continuous improvement and innovation to prevent stagnation.

Conclusion and Takeaways

Timestamp: [22:33]

The podcast concludes with Stavchansky emphasizing the journey of entrepreneurship, the highs and lows, and the value of external support such as mentorship and coaching for sustained growth and innovation.


This podcast episode with Arie Stavchansky has insights for anyone intrigued by the intersection of data and design. Arie’s journey with DataClay highlights the importance of innovation and adaptability in technology. His approach to tackling monotonous tasks with creative software solutions is a lesson in efficiency and ingenuity.

The key takeaway? Embracing technology and innovation can transform challenges into opportunities for growth and creativity.

We encourage our readers to listen to the full episode to immerse themselves in the detailed experiences and valuable lessons shared by Arie Stavchansky and DataClay.

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