DrumCV Founder Carlos Kemeny on how to Analyze and Act on customer feedback based on AI insights

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In this episode, we unravel the intricacies of AI in customer feedback analysis with the brilliant mind of Carlos Kemeny, the founder of DrumCV. In a world where understanding customer needs is similar to finding a needle in a haystack, DrumCV emerges as a tool for transforming customer feedback into actionable insights.

Picture this: a tool that not only listens but understands and strategizes, all thanks to the power of AI. Kemeny’s journey from identifying a gap in the market to spearheading a solution that revolutionizes how companies interact with their customer base is nothing short of inspirational. Stay tuned as we unpack the layers of this innovative approach and discover why DrumCV can be a game-changer in the customer experience industry.

Who is Carlos Kemeny?

Carlos Kemeny, founder of DrumCV, is a data scientist and a tech entrepreneur. His journey is a testament to innovation and adaptability. At the heart of his achievements is DrumCV, a company born out of a need to bridge the gap between customer support and product development. DrumCV stands tall as a platform that harnesses AI to dissect and interpret customer feedback, ensuring that businesses are not just hearing but truly understanding their customers.

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Summary of the Podcast

Introduction of Carlos Kemeny and DrumCV

Timestamp: [00:00]

Carlos Kemeny from DrumCV discusses the platform’s primary function – bridging product and support teams. He highlights the challenge product teams face in deciphering customer issues from support notes, and how DrumCV synthesizes this data to address customer dissatisfaction and churn.

Origin of DrumCV’s Concept

Timestamp: [00:37]

Kemeny recounts his experience at Weave Communications, where he identified the need for better data for product teams. His efforts in data organization and descriptive labeling led to significant reductions in customer tickets and churn, laying the groundwork for DrumCV.

Current Status and Challenges of DrumCV

Timestamp: [03:05]

DrumCV, still in beta, faces hurdles in product-market fit and the underestimation of customer support importance. Kemeny discusses the ongoing refinements based on beta customer feedback and emphasizes their advanced long-form text summarization technology.

Market Realities and Strategic Shifts

Timestamp: [04:53]

The conversation shifts to the challenges in selling operational software in the current market. Kemeny notes the focus on headcount reduction over software solutions by companies, and the need for DrumCV to pivot its strategy amidst these market conditions.

Seeking Acquisition and Future Directions

Timestamp: [07:08]

Faced with funding and market challenges, DrumCV is exploring a tech acquisition to leverage their technology. Kemeny emphasizes the importance of aligning with partners who have strong sales and marketing capabilities.

Founder’s Reflections and Learning

Timestamp: [10:37]

Kemeny shares his personal insights as a founder, discussing the emotional challenges and the necessity to reframe the definition of success. He stresses the importance of focusing on solving customer pain points rather than solely pursuing investment.

Product-Market Fit and Future Strategies

Timestamp: [12:10]

The discussion turns to the critical aspect of establishing product-market fit. Kemeny regrets not validating the market’s willingness to pay earlier and advocates for a more financially committed approach in future ventures.

Navigating Company Sale or Partnership

Timestamp: [15:39]

Carlos Kemeny elaborates on DrumCV’s approach to finding a suitable partnership or sale opportunity. He discusses identifying use cases where their technology fits, such as e-commerce and operational efficiencies, and the importance of clear communication and strategic packaging.

Personal and Professional Reflections

Timestamp: [19:47]

Kemeny concludes by reflecting on his personal and professional growth through this journey. He expresses a continued passion for solving the identified problem and plans to focus on AI and incremental AI adoption in product markets in the future.


Carlos Kemeny’s insights in this podcast episode are a goldmine for any business grappling with customer feedback. His journey with DrumCV illuminates the path from recognizing a problem to innovating a solution, all through the lens of advanced AI.

This episode is a roadmap for businesses looking to leverage customer insights to their fullest potential. For a deeper dive into this fascinating world where AI meets customer feedback, tune into the full episode.

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