How Bogdan Predusca is Taking on the Big Players in the Health and Fitness Industry with Hyperhuman

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In an ever-evolving world where health and fitness intersect with technology, this podcast episode featuring Bogdan Predusca, founder of Hyperhuman, is full of insights. This episode covers a journey into the heart of innovation in the fitness industry.

Predusca, a visionary in health tech, delves into the challenges and triumphs of scaling content production in a post-pandemic era. Imagine a world where your fitness experience is tailored just for you, courtesy of AI – that’s the world Hyperhuman is crafting.

As Predusca puts it, “We’re not just creating tools; we’re shaping futures.”

Who is Bogdan Predusca?

Bogdan Predusca stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the health and fitness industry. As the founder of Hyperhuman, he brings a unique blend of tech-savvy ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit.

His journey, from a pivotal role at Fitbit to spearheading Hyperhuman, reflects his commitment to enhancing how we engage with health and fitness content. Hyperhuman is making waves by offering AI-powered solutions that are reshaping how fitness content is produced and consumed.

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Summary of the Podcast

Introduction to Bogdan Predusca and Hyperhuman

Timestamp: [00:00:00]

The podcast opens with an introduction of Bogdan Predusca, founder of Hyperhuman. The discussion begins with a focus on the primary challenge Hyperhuman aims to address in the health and fitness industry: scalable content production. Predusca highlights the significant demand for digital and in-person health and fitness content post-pandemic, emphasizing the struggle of businesses to keep up with content creation, especially those without the resources of giants like Nike or Apple.

Hyperhuman’s AI-Powered Solution

Timestamp: [01:18]

Predusca explains that Hyperhuman offers AI-powered tools and AI media processing capabilities to streamline content creation for businesses. This solution is particularly beneficial for digital companies, hybrid platforms, and traditional businesses with a physical presence. He notes a growing trend towards digital content, with a current client split of about 70-30 favoring digital over traditional.

Venture Capital Funding and Startup Challenges

Timestamp: [04:32]

Predusca shares his journey from Fitbit to founding Hyperhuman. He talks about the decision to pursue VC funding to build a global product and make health and fitness content universally accessible. The conversation touches on the challenges of VC funding, emphasizing the need for balance and sustainable growth in the European VC environment.

Adapting to Market Conditions and Sales Strategies

Timestamp: [06:27]

The podcast addresses how Hyperhuman is adapting to current market conditions, such as the recession. Predusca stresses the importance of sustainable business practices, focusing on real business values rather than solely pursuing aggressive growth. He also discusses customer acquisition strategies, including the shift from a volume-based approach to targeting SMEs in English-speaking markets.

Sales Operations and Partner Channels

Timestamp: [15:12]

Bogdan delves into Hyperhuman’s sales operations, explaining how they leverage partners, sales reps, and personal networks to acquire customers. He shares insights into their outreach process, achieving high engagement rates through personalized approaches.

Vision for Hyperhuman’s Future

Timestamp: [25:03]

The episode concludes with Predusca outlining Hyperhuman’s vision. He envisions the company becoming the go-to platform for producing smart, personalized health and fitness content. The goal is to simplify content production, making it universally accessible and profitable, akin to offering a private video production studio at a click.


This podcast episode with Bogdan Predusca is a masterclass in innovation and adaptability in the health and fitness sector. Hyperhuman’s journey, under Predusca’s leadership, highlights the importance of embracing technology to meet the ever-growing demands of modern fitness enthusiasts.

Key takeaways include the critical role of AI in content creation, the challenges of navigating venture capital, and the art of sustainable business growth.

For a deeper dive into these captivating topics and to experience the full breadth of Predusca’s insights, tuning into the full episode is a must.

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