How Eric Byres is Building aDolus to Protect Industrial Software

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This podcast episode is a gripping tale of cybersecurity, industrial espionage, and technological innovation featuring Eric Byers, the founder of aDolus. Byers, a seasoned expert in the field, uncovers the layers of complexity and challenges that come with protecting the digital backbone of major industries.

With a name inspired by Greek mythology, aDolus stands as a gladiator against the ‘fakes’ and vulnerabilities that threaten our modern industrial landscape. “In a world rife with digital threats, the truth can sometimes be as elusive as a shadow,” Byers muses.

Who is Eric Byers?

Meet Eric Byers, founder of aDolus, with years of experience under his belt, Byers brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the table. He’s not just the founder of aDolus; he’s a pioneer in the field, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in cybersecurity.

aDolus, his brainchild, stands at the forefront of safeguarding critical software used in major industries across the globe. In a sector where a single vulnerability can have monumental consequences, aDolus’s mission is nothing short of critical. Byers’s expertise and his company’s role in this high-stakes domain make for a compelling narrative about innovation, security, and the relentless pursuit of digital integrity.

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Summary of the Podcast

Introduction to Eric Byers and aDolus

Timestamp: [00:01]

The podcast begins with an introduction to Eric Byers, the founder of aDolus. Eric explains the origin of the company’s name, derived from Ancient Greek, signifying a negation of fakes or fake gods. This ties directly into aDolus’s mission: detecting counterfeit or harmful components in software, especially for large enterprises and critical applications in operational technology (OT).

Identifying Vulnerabilities in Industrial Software

Timestamp: [01:17]

Eric Byers discusses how aDolus serves large enterprises like Caterpillar, focusing on software used in mission-critical applications. He highlights the risks posed by maliciously injected software or poorly designed components that create vulnerabilities, particularly in the OT space.

Market Dynamics and Client Acquisition

Timestamp: [03:03]

The conversation shifts to the buying cycle in the cybersecurity industry. Eric notes the lengthy and slow process, exacerbated by the size and inertia of large enterprises. However, he mentions a recent acceleration due to increased regulatory pressure, particularly in mission-critical sectors like power plants.

Sales Strategy and Team Structure

Timestamp: [05:15]

Eric Byers details the sales strategy at aDolus, emphasizing the importance of a knowledgeable team with a deep understanding of the product. He reveals that the sales team at aDolus is small, senior, and supported heavily by the engineering team, which plays a significant role in demonstrations and client interactions.

Marketing Techniques and Conference Participation

Timestamp: [06:29]

Eric discusses aDolus’s marketing approach, highlighting the role of conferences and webinars in generating inbound leads. He stresses the importance of educational content and white papers on their website to attract potential clients seeking solutions in software security.

Measuring ROI from Conferences

Timestamp: [10:25]

The discussion moves to the challenge of measuring the return on investment (ROI) from conference participation. Eric explains how they track leads from conferences in their CRM and the importance of identifying which conferences yield the most valuable leads for their business.

Company Size and Structure

Timestamp: [11:27]

Eric shares insights into aDolus’s company size, noting a staff of about 28, with the majority being technical team members. He emphasizes the dual roles many employees hold, contributing to both technical and sales aspects.

Growth Strategy and Funding

Timestamp: [13:34]

Eric Byers discusses the company’s current growth strategy amidst the ongoing fundraising efforts for a Series A round. He talks about the challenges and opportunities presented by the current economic environment and the focus on prudent financial management. The planned use of funds includes scaling the platform, optimizing it for handling larger software files, and expanding the sales process.

Team Dynamics and Management Insights

Timestamp: [18:11]

Eric reflects on his experience and lessons learned in management and team building. He emphasizes the importance of budgeting for unforeseen costs, fostering a sense of purpose among team members, and the benefits of minimizing micromanagement. He highlights the value of letting his team operate independently while providing them with direction and support.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Timestamp: [19:23]

The podcast concludes with Eric thanking the host and sharing well-wishes for other SaaS company founders navigating the current challenging times. He stresses the importance of resilience and adaptability in the tech industry.


This podcast episode with Eric Byers is more than just a conversation; it’s an enlightening journey into the heart of cybersecurity. Byers’s insights offer a rare glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of protecting industrial software. From the meticulous process of identifying vulnerabilities to the strategic maneuvers in market dynamics and client acquisition, Byers talked about everything.

For those seeking a deeper understanding of this critical field, the full episode is an invaluable resource.

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