How Justin Henshaw is Fostering Employee Retention, Recognition, and Growth with Gage

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Imagine stepping into a world where every job, no matter how small, is filled with purpose and meaning. That’s the transformative vision Justin Henshaw brings to the table in a recent enlightening podcast episode. As the representative of Gage, a company revolutionizing the workforce, particularly in entry-level and service industries, Henshaw shares insights that are reshaping how we view employment.

“What if we can make disposable and meaningless work meaningful?” he posits. This question not only hooks us but also opens a door to exploring profound solutions to workforce challenges.

Who is Justin Henshaw?

Justin Henshaw, founder of Gage, has a rich background in business, owning several restaurants and enterprises. His journey led him to found Gage, a company focused on enhancing employee retention, recognition, and growth.

At the heart of Gage is a revolutionary idea: transforming the workforce by empowering employees with ownership of their achievements and career progress. This approach is not only innovative but crucial in today’s rapidly evolving job landscape. Henshaw’s insights are especially vital for industries where employee turnover is high and motivation often low.

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Summary of the Podcast


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Justin Henshaw, representing Gage, joins the podcast to discuss his innovative approach to enhancing the workforce, especially in entry-level and service-related industries. He emphasizes the importance of adding meaning and purpose to jobs, aiming to transform what is often perceived as disposable and meaningless work into something impactful.

Gage’s Mission and Execution

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Justin outlines Gage’s mission: to make every day matter in the workforce and celebrate a good work ethic. He explains the concept of a virtual “filing cabinet,” a system where employees’ achievements, reviews, and feedback are stored and owned by them, enhancing their career mobility and sense of value.

Gage’s Business Model and Impact

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Gage operates on a B2B model where businesses pay for subscriptions, and employees access the service for free. The key innovation is that employees own their data, a revolutionary concept in the workforce. Justin highlights the system’s ability to increase retention, saving businesses significant turnover costs.

Customer Base and Traction

Timestamp: [07:04]

Gage has seen promising growth, with over 40 business accounts and 1500 users. Notable clients include Chick-fil-A franchisees and Covis Bank. Despite its early stage, the platform has received 97% positive feedback and is showing impressive traction in the market.

Funding and Growth Strategies

Timestamp: [08:13]

Justin discusses Gage’s funding journey, from self-funding through his other businesses to seeking external funding for expansion and development. He emphasizes the need for a significant sales push and the development of B2C components to fully realize Gage’s potential.

Building Gage with a Non-Technical Background

Timestamp: [10:50]

As a non-technical founder, Justin shares his experience collaborating with an agency to build Gage. He stresses the importance of choosing the right partners who align with the company’s mission and can guide technical development effectively.

Future Plans and Decisions

Timestamp: [17:28]

Justin is currently focusing on Gage, which might involve divesting from some of his other businesses. He is in the process of raising funds and strategizing for Gage’s future, including enhancing the platform’s features and expanding its reach.

Entrepreneurial Insights from a Marine Veteran

Timestamp: [19:37]

Drawing on his experience as a Marine, Justin advocates for decisive action in business. He encourages entrepreneurs to execute plans swiftly and adapt on the go, embodying his belief in the power of proactive and dynamic business leadership.


In this compelling episode, Justin Henshaw unveils a world where the workforce is not just a cog in the corporate machine, but a thriving community where every role is valued and every employee feels empowered.

Gage’s innovative approach to employee data ownership is a game changer, promising increased retention and job satisfaction.

For those seeking deeper insights into this transformative approach, the full episode is a must-listen.

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