How Surya Oruganti is Automating Infrastructure & Application Deployments to the Cloud with Argonaut

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In a recent podcast episode, we had the privilege of hosting Surya Oruganti, the founder of Argonaut, an innovative force in cloud deployment automation. Surya, with his deep insights and visionary approach, has positioned Argonaut at the forefront of solving complex infrastructure challenges.

This episode is filled with wisdom for anyone fascinated by the intricacies of cloud technology and entrepreneurship. Imagine delving into the mind of someone who’s transforming the way we perceive cloud infrastructure, where each word unfolds a layer of the tech world that many of us never get to see.

Surya’s story is not just about technical triumphs; it’s about the journey of a solo founder navigating through the cloud, quite literally.

Who is Surya Oruganti?

Meet Surya Oruganti, founder of Argonaut. Surya has a rich background in product and engineering leadership and he brings an unmatched depth of knowledge and experience to the table.

His brainchild, Argonaut, is a solution, a revolution in the cloud deployment arena. In an industry where complexities often overshadow capabilities, Argonaut is trying to beat that myth and make cloud accessible to everyone.

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Summary of the Podcast

Argonaut’s Purpose and Challenges in Infrastructure Management

Timestamp: [00:00] – [01:52]

Surya Oruganti from Argonaut delves into the core function of his company: automating cloud deployments. He highlights the complex challenges faced by infrastructure teams, emphasizing the specialized skills and significant time investment required for in-house tool development. 

Oruganti points out a key issue where these infrastructure teams often become cost centers, struggling for resources despite their crucial role in maintaining robust and reliable systems.

The Genesis of Argonaut

Timestamp: [01:52] – [03:55]

Oruganti shares his personal experience in previous roles, which led to the founding of Argonaut. He describes his journey as a product and engineering lead, dealing with the repetitive task of building automation for cloud deployments. The widespread adoption of cloud services and Kubernetes, coupled with the absence of an efficient external solution, inspired the creation of Argonaut. This solution aims to simplify deployment processes for teams of varying sizes.

Current Status and Growth of Argonaut

Timestamp: [04:23] – [05:27]

As of the podcast, Argonaut is a budding enterprise, nearing its third year with a funding of around $1.6 million. The team, primarily composed of engineers, is small yet efficient, focusing on catering to a technical user base. Currently serving tens of customers, Argonaut is actively scaling to reach hundreds more.

Sales and Marketing Approach

Timestamp: [05:27] – [07:26]

Oruganti explains Argonaut’s unique advantage in sales and marketing due to their technical product and user base. Their strategy involves creating content that resonates with their audience’s technical curiosity and providing value before asking for customer engagement. This empathetic and informative approach is key to their marketing efforts.

SEO and Community Engagement

Timestamp: [07:53] – [09:41]

Argonaut leverages SEO and active participation in various technical communities, including forums like Reddit, Hacker News, and Slack communities, to increase their visibility. Their focus is on providing valuable content that answers common questions and showcases how Argonaut can simplify complex processes.

Video Content Strategy

Timestamp: [10:20] – [14:58]

The company is exploring video content, particularly tutorials and how-tos, to assist startups lacking deep infrastructure knowledge. They aim to partner with content creators who share a common audience, to expand their reach and amplify their message.

Handling Multiple Roles as a Founder

Timestamp: [16:08] – [19:14]

Oruganti shares the challenges of being a solo founder, especially in balancing various roles from technical to administrative tasks. He emphasizes the importance of building a team with high ownership and delivery capabilities, which has allowed Argonaut to punch above its weight.

Conclusion and Contact Information

Timestamp: [19:14] – [19:56]

Oruganti invites infrastructure enthusiasts to connect with Argonaut through their website, Twitter, LinkedIn, and their Slack community, offering to engage in technical discussions and collaborations.


Surya Oruganti’s insights in this podcast are a lighthouse for anyone navigating the often tumultuous waters of cloud infrastructure and startup growth. This episode is a masterclass in balancing technical prowess with entrepreneurial acumen.

If you’re looking for a deeper dive into the world where cloud computing meets business strategy, tune into the full episode.

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