How This Founder Took On 5 Tech Giants at Once With His Project Coordination Tool

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In the constantly evolving landscape of team management and project coordination, the latest podcast episode featuring Vasile Tiplea, founder of HeyCollab, dives deep into the heart of innovative teamwork solutions. Tiplea graces us with his expertise and entrepreneurial journey in creating HeyCollab, a tool that’s redefining efficiency in workplaces globally.

Picture this: You’re juggling numerous tasks, coordinating with a team scattered across different time zones, and amidst this chaos, you stumble upon a solution that streamlines everything. That’s the magic Vasile Tiplea‘s HeyCollab brings to the table.

Who is Vasile Tiplea?

Vasile Tiplea, founder of HeyCollab has a career spanning several successful ventures, Tiplea’s journey is a testament to perseverance and innovation. His latest venture, HeyCollab, is a testament to his visionary approach to digital solutions. This platform isn’t just another project management tool; it’s a holistic solution for the modern team, addressing the intricacies of coordination, communication, and efficiency.

HeyCollab stands out in the competitive industry not just for its features, but for its philosophy. Born out of Tiplea’s personal and professional challenges, it embodies a deep understanding of what teams need to thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

Summary of the podcast

The Concept of HeyCollab

Timestamp: [00:00 – 01:49]

HeyCollab, as Tiplea explains, transcends traditional project management tools by focusing on project coordination. Recognizing the challenges teams face with multiple platforms for different tasks, HeyCollab integrates essential tools under one umbrella. This approach significantly enhances efficiency and eases the management burden.

The Genesis of HeyCollab

Timestamp: [01:49 – 03:27]

The inspiration for HeyCollab stemmed from Tiplea’s personal and professional upheaval during a difficult period in his life. This led to the creation of an internal tool at his digital agency, Creative 27, which proved so effective that it evolved into HeyCollab.

The Business Structure and Strategy

Timestamp: [03:27 – 06:32]

Tiplea outlines HeyCollab’s journey from an internal tool to a standalone SaaS platform. He details the business dynamics, explaining how HeyCollab operates as a subsidiary of Creative 27 and the considerations behind this structural decision.

Target Audience and Pricing Strategy

Timestamp: [06:32 – 10:18]

Initially intended for digital agencies, HeyCollab’s user base surprisingly expanded to diverse sectors, including education and healthcare. Tiplea emphasizes their competitive pricing strategy, offering comprehensive features at just $5 per user per month.

Growth and Future Prospects

Timestamp: [10:18 – 13:21]

Discussing future goals, Tiplea envisions substantial growth, with aims to expand the user base significantly. He shares insights on the expected mix of free and paid users and the potential scaling of team sizes using HeyCollab.

Marketing and Expansion Tactics

Timestamp: [13:21 – 15:49]

Tiplea sheds light on the marketing strategies adopted to attract small businesses, focusing on delivering value first. By addressing common team management challenges, HeyCollab positions itself as a solution, subtly integrating product promotion into their marketing content.

Balancing Leadership Roles

Timestamp: [15:49 – 17:39]

In response to a question about managing dual roles, Tiplea reveals his plans to focus more on HeyCollab, allowing another leader to oversee Creative 27. He also touches on his aspirations for Creative 27 Labs, which aims to launch multiple SaaS products annually.

Investment Strategy and Vision

Timestamp: [17:39 – 20:43]

Tiplea discusses the financial strategy behind Creative 27, allocating a significant portion of profits to foster innovation and product development. He concludes with a vision of transforming the company into a state-of-the-art R&D department, creating products that profoundly impact users’ lives.


This podcast episode with Vasile Tiplea is a goldmine of insights for anyone looking to enhance team efficiency and project management. Tiplea’s journey from overcoming personal challenges to creating HeyCollab serves as a powerful narrative of resilience and innovation. The episode not only sheds light on the functionalities of HeyCollab but also delves into the strategic thinking behind its creation.

Listeners are encouraged to watch the full episode for Tiplea’s expertise and the revolutionary impact of HeyCollab on team dynamics.

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