How to bootstrap a SaaS startup as a content creator with Brennan Dunn (Founder of RightMessage)

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Dive into the world of SaaS startups with our latest podcast episode featuring none other than Brennan Dunn, founder of RightMessage. This episode has insights for anyone keen on understanding the nuances of starting and scaling a SaaS business.

With Brennan at the helm, RightMessage offers groundbreaking solutions in audience segmentation and website personalization.

Imagine, for a moment, being able to peek into the mind of someone who’s not just theorizing but actually navigating the choppy waters of the SaaS industry. That’s what this episode offers – a real-life account of triumphs, challenges, and invaluable lessons from a SaaS founder.

“It’s not just about building a product; it’s about sculpting a solution that evolves with your market,” says Brennan, setting the tone for an engaging and enlightening conversation.

Who is Brennan Dunn?

Brennan Dunn is not your typical entrepreneur. His journey from a freelance developer to the founder of RightMessage speaks for his ingenuity and understanding of the digital landscape. 

RightMessage stands out in the SaaS universe, offering innovative tools for website personalization and audience segmentation. This company isn’t just a business; it’s Brennan’s answer to helping businesses understand and cater to their audience more effectively.

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Summary of the Podcast

How RightMessage Revolutionizes Website Personalization and Audience Segmentation?

Timestamp: [00:00]

In this insightful discussion, Brennan Dunn, the founder of RightMessage, explains how his company simplifies the process of understanding and segmenting audiences for businesses. RightMessage allows companies to customize their web pages, sales pages, and call-to-actions based on audience segments, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

Target Market for RightMessage: Software Companies and Solo Creators

Timestamp: [00:34]

Brennan highlights that RightMessage finds its best customers among software companies, especially those with different stages in the customer journey. He also mentions the platform’s popularity among profitable solo creators and e-commerce companies.

Strategic Business Segmentation and Customization

Timestamp: [01:09]

Dunn delves into how RightMessage dynamically niches its website based on the visitor’s background. He discusses the challenges of balancing his personal background in the creator space with the company’s shift towards targeting larger businesses with marketing teams.

Realizing the Potential of Website Personalization

Timestamp: [03:11]

Exploring the efficacy of website personalization, Brennan discusses how RightMessage targets companies with a significant online presence and well-defined sales funnels. He emphasizes the higher ROI for companies with substantial customer interaction over the web.

Driving Business Growth through Traffic and Conversion Optimization

Timestamp: [04:13]

Brennan sheds light on how RightMessage integrates features of major tools like Optimizely, email platforms, and CRM systems, offering a comprehensive solution for website personalization and lead generation.

Journey from Consultancy to SaaS and Early Challenges

Timestamp: [06:15]

In an intriguing narrative, Dunn recounts his transition from consultancy to developing RightMessage as a SaaS product. He discusses the early phases of the company, including initial funding and the realization of building a product that didn’t align perfectly with market needs.

Navigating Co-founder Dynamics and Taking Sole Ownership

Timestamp: [11:58]

Brennan shares his experience of buying out his co-founder, leading to his sole ownership of RightMessage. He discusses the decision-making process and the impact of this change on the company’s direction.

The Evolution of RightMessage and Future Plans

Timestamp: [16:29]

Looking ahead, Brennan talks about his ambitious goal of reaching $35,000 in MRR by the end of the year. He outlines his strategy, which includes offering a complete package of strategy and implementation to clients, making the adoption of RightMessage’s services seamless.

Learning from Being a Creator to a SaaS Founder

Timestamp: [27:53]

Brennan reflects on his journey from being a content creator to a SaaS founder. He discusses the transferable skills such as copywriting and lead nurturing while acknowledging the differences in sales approaches between digital courses and SaaS products.

Conclusion and Insights for Aspiring SaaS Entrepreneurs

Timestamp: [30:35]

The podcast wraps up with Brennan sharing valuable insights for upcoming SaaS entrepreneurs, particularly emphasizing the importance of understanding the market, building a solid product, and being adaptable in business strategies.


In this conversation with Brennan Dunn, we uncovered the layers that form the foundation of a successful SaaS venture. RightMessage’s a reflection of the evolving needs of the digital market.

The key takeaways? Understanding your audience is paramount, flexibility in strategy is vital, and perseverance is the bridge between an idea and its realization.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone in the SaaS domain or looking to dive into it.

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