How to find Product-Market Fit and Build Marketing Funnels, with Richard Purcell from Ocurate

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In the ever-evolving world of business, staying ahead of the curve is not just a goal; it’s a necessity. Enter Richard Purcell from Ocurate, a name that resonates with innovation and strategic thinking in the realm of customer value optimization.

In this podcast episode, Richard doves into the intricate world of marketing funnels, product-market fit, and the secrets of sustainable business growth. 

Picture this: a world where customer lifetime value isn’t just a number, but a steering force for business decisions. Intrigued? You should be.

Who is Richard Purcell?

Richard Purcell, founder of Ocurate, is a powerhouse of knowledge and experience in the field of customer analytics. Leading the charge at Ocurate, Richard and his team are at the forefront of transforming how businesses perceive and utilize customer lifetime value.

Ocurate is pioneering the transition from traditional marketing metrics to a more profitability-focused approach. This shift is a game-changer for businesses striving to make every decision count in a highly competitive market.

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Summary of the Podcast

Understanding Ocurate’s Mission and Real-Time LTV

Timestamp: [00:00 – 02:29]

In a post-zero percent interest rate world, businesses are increasingly focusing on profitability. Ocurate addresses this need by transforming Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) from a lagging to a leading indicator, termed real-time LTV. This approach allows brands to make more informed marketing decisions on a daily basis, optimizing their spend based on profitability metrics rather than just clicks or conversions. Richard Purcell explains how Ocurate’s solution is particularly resonant with B2C companies, especially e-commerce brands over $50 million in revenue.

Identifying and Engaging the Right Executives

Timestamp: [02:29 – 07:15]

Purcell discusses the importance of targeting the right executive within a company for effective engagement. By creating a detailed ideal customer profile and leveraging tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Ocurate identifies executives who are data-savvy and open to innovation. He also sheds light on their brand ambassador program, which involves different tiers of incentives, ranging from equity to cash rewards, to leverage influential executives in spreading Ocurate’s message.

Sales Strategies and Market Adaptation

Timestamp: [07:15 – 11:51]

Richard Purcell emphasizes the need to adapt sales strategies to the changing market dynamics. He shares insights on how Ocurate shifted from relying heavily on cold emails to fostering organic conversations and building a brand ambassador program. This approach involves carefully selecting and incentivizing individuals to create more genuine business connections.

Product-Market Fit and Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs)

Timestamp: [11:51 – 16:28]

Purcell stresses the importance of not just acquiring customers but attracting the right ones from the start. He shares how Ocurate refined its ICPs based on various metrics like email response rates and the background of successful conversions, using Wharton alumni as a case study. This focus on quality over quantity in customer acquisition is central to Ocurate’s strategy.

Company Evolution and Funding Journey

Timestamp: [16:28 – 21:18]

The podcast explores Ocurate’s origins as a spin-off from PredictWise, a political data analytics firm. Richard explains how they leveraged PredictWise’s resources in the early stages and then raised $3.5 million in seed funding in Q4 of 2021. He also discusses the company’s financial discipline and the strategic use of contractors and virtual assistants to stay lean and adaptive.

Innovation in Sales and Marketing

Timestamp: [21:18 – 26:19]

In the final segment, Purcell highlights the importance of innovation in sales and marketing, especially in a saturated market. He details how Ocurate uses experiments and metrics to refine its sales strategies, focusing on quality leads over quantity. The big vision for Ocurate is making lifetime value the core principle for all consumer brands, thereby enhancing business efficiency and profitability.


This podcast episode with Richard Purcell is more than just a collection of insights; it’s a blueprint for modern business success. From redefining customer lifetime value to mastering the art of executive engagement, Richard’s conversation is a treasure trove of strategies for any business looking to thrive in today’s market.

It’s not just about the theories; it’s about actionable intelligence that can transform how you view and run your business. If you’re looking for a blend of inspiration and practical advice, this episode is your go-to resource.

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