How Yoni Rubin is Helping SMBs Make Better Financial Decisions with his AI-Powered Platform

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In an enlightening episode of our Venture-Scale SaaS Operator, we delve into the intriguing world of financial technology with Yoni Rubin, the visionary behind MRGN.AI. MRGN.AI is reshaping how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) approach finance, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Rubin, a seasoned expert in the startup ecosystem, shares his insights, experiences, and the complexities of financial management for SMBs.

“In a world where financial acumen is often the make-or-break for businesses, MRGN.AI emerges as a game-changer,” Rubin notes, capturing the essence of their mission.

Who is Yoni Rubin?

Yoni Rubin, founder of, stands at the forefront of financial technology innovation. With over 15 years as a COO in various startups, including involvement in an IPO and uplift to the NYSE, his expertise in operational and financial strategy is unparalleled.

Rubin’s journey, spanning continents from Israel to New York, is marked by his roles as a mentor, investor, and now, a founder in AI-driven financial solutions for SMBs. His brainchild, MRGN.AI has a vision of democratizing financial intelligence for small businesses, making complex financial insights accessible and actionable.

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Summary of the Podcast

Introduction to MRGN.AI and Yoni Rubin

Timestamp: [00:00:00]

Yoni Rubin, representing MRGN.AI (pronounced ‘margin’), joins the podcast to discuss his innovative AI-powered financial platform for small businesses. MRGN.AI, conceptualized around three years ago, was named during the Super Bowl 2019, with ‘margin’ mentioned numerous times, emphasizing its broad relevance. Yoni highlights MRGN.AI’s domain in AI and machine learning-driven finance solutions tailored for small businesses, discussing the origin of the company’s name and its significance in the financial and sports broadcasting world.

Solving Financial Challenges for Small Businesses

Timestamp: [01:39:00]

MRGN.AI addresses the gap in financial acumen and tools among small businesses, such as local eateries or tech startups. Yoni explains that these businesses often excel in their primary operations but lack insight into customer acquisition costs and gross margins. MRGN.AI steps in as a digital business co-founder, leveraging AI to provide necessary financial intelligence, transforming how small businesses manage their finances and growth strategies.

Targeting Small Business Sector and Debunking Myths

Timestamp: [02:40:00]

Yoni addresses a common misconception about small businesses being high-risk due to frequent failures. He shares insights from MRGN.AI’s journey, which initially focused on tech startups but eventually expanded to include a broader range of small businesses. Their open beta attracted diverse small business owners, debunking the myth that these businesses are not worth investing in. This expansion also highlighted the underserved nature of the small business sector, prompting MRGN.AI to shift focus and cater to this wider audience.

Customization for Diverse Business Models

Timestamp: [04:41:00]

Discussing MRGN.AI’s approach to serving a wide array of businesses, Yoni elaborates on their strategy to tailor the platform according to different revenue models and business types. MRGN.AI identified and focused on three primary segments: e-commerce/retail, professional services, and tech companies. The platform customizes its interface and questions based on the business type, ensuring relevance and ease of use for each user, regardless of their specific business model.

Team Composition and Strategy

Timestamp: [09:32:00]

The podcast touches upon MRGN.AI’s team structure, highlighting a strong focus on engineering, comprising about 50% of their eight-member team. Yoni discusses the strategic decision to minimize traditional sales roles, opting for a self-service model to efficiently reach their large target market. He emphasizes the importance of internal balance between engineering, product development, marketing, and strategic partnerships in driving MRGN.AI’s growth.

Yoni Rubin’s Entrepreneurial and COO Experience

Timestamp: [11:00:00]

Yoni shares his extensive experience as a COO in the startup world, including participating in fundraising, an IPO, and uplisting to the NYSE. His journey includes mentorship roles, investment activities, and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by startups, particularly in finance and operations. This background significantly influenced the genesis and direction of MRGN.AI, as Yoni sought to address the financial management challenges he encountered throughout his career.

Vision for MRGN.AI

Timestamp: [23:50:00]

The podcast concludes with Yoni outlining MRGN.AI’s vision to revolutionize business management and intelligence for small businesses. The platform offers instant budget creation, simulation tools for financial scenarios, and AI-driven benchmark comparisons, providing predictive insights and practical advice. The ultimate goal is to transform traditional business intelligence into a more accessible, human-centric form, integrating economic data to offer comprehensive, understandable insights for small business owners.


This podcast episode with Yoni Rubin is full of insights for anyone intrigued by the intersection of technology and finance. Rubin guides us through the landscape of financial challenges and opportunities for SMBs. His company, MRGN.AI, is carving the path towards simplified, intelligent financial management for businesses of all sizes.

As Rubin eloquently puts it, “Empowering small businesses is not just about providing tools; it’s about changing mindsets.” 

Dive into the full episode for a comprehensive understanding of how MRGN.AI is revolutionizing the financial world for SMBs.

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