Raising $5M after building in stealth for two years with Emre Koksal of DAtAnchor

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In the ever-evolving world of data security, this podcast episode featuring Emre Koksal, the founder of DATAnchor, is a must-listen for anyone keen on understanding the nuances of safeguarding digital assets.

This episode delves deep into the challenges of navigating the complex data security landscape.

Imagine a world where your data is as secure as a bank vault yet as accessible as your local café’s Wi-Fi – that’s the world Emre Koksal is pioneering. What makes this episode truly captivating is Koksal’s unique perspective on balancing security with operational simplicity.

Who is Emre Koksal?

Emre Koksal is the founder of DATAnchor, and with a background that combines academic excellence with entrepreneurial zest, Koksal represents the top leadership in cybersecurity. His company, DATAnchor, offers revolutionary solutions to data security challenges.

At its core, DATAnchor is redefining how businesses protect and manage their most valuable asset: data. The company’s approach goes beyond conventional methods, focusing on empowering organizations to secure their data without impeding their everyday operations. In a world where data breaches are as common as coffee spills, DATAnchor ensures that companies can thrive in the digital age without fear.

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Summary of the Podcast

Emre Koksal Discusses DATAnchor’s Unique Approach to Data Security

Timestamp: [00:00] – [01:58]

Emre Koksal, the founder of DATAnchor, starts the conversation by explaining the unique problem DATAnchor addresses in data security. He highlights the issue of data loss often stemming from internal factors rather than external attacks. Koksal emphasizes that traditional data loss solutions create friction in business operations, leading to unsuccessful projects. DATAnchor’s solution focuses on securing files without disrupting workflows, boasting simplicity as its secret sauce.

Target Customers and Market Adoption

Timestamp: [01:58] – [03:55]

Koksal shares insights on DATAnchor’s target customers, noting a rapid adoption in industrial manufacturing and energy sectors. The product’s universal applicability and non-intrusive nature, which requires no change in existing workflows, make it appealing across various industries. Koksal also touches upon the simplicity and transparency of their solution, catering to both large enterprises and small-to-midsize organizations.

Funding and Growth Strategy in Challenging Times

Timestamp: [03:55] – [09:11]

Discussing company growth and funding, Koksal reveals DATAnchor’s journey since 2019, including a stealth period and securing around $6 million in funding. He outlines their two-stage go-to-market strategy, focusing first on quick feedback and transactional sales. Koksal also shares the challenges of fundraising in the current economic climate, emphasizing the need to appeal to visionary investors.

DATAnchor’s Vision and Ending the War Between Business and Security

Timestamp: [09:11] – [13:06]

Koksal articulates DATAnchor’s grand vision: changing how people think about and control data. He aims to end the perceived trade-off between business efficiency and data security, advocating for a world where companies can share and collaborate without relinquishing data ownership.

Founder Challenges and War Stories

Timestamp: [13:06] – [18:13]

Koksal candidly shares the challenges he faces as a founder, comparing it to his previous academic career. He stresses the continuous nature of fundraising, sales, marketing, and product development in a startup. The biggest challenge, according to Koksal, is maintaining excellence in all business aspects simultaneously. He shares his approach to managing this challenge, emphasizing the importance of building a strong team and continually finding the right people to delegate tasks to.

Importance of Team Building and Leadership

Timestamp: [17:37] – [18:13]

In coping with the multifaceted pressures of being a founder, Koksal underlines the critical role of team building. He advises leaders to trust in their team and continually find suitable replacements for themselves in various roles, enabling them to focus on emerging challenges within the business.


This podcast episode with Emre Koksal is a goldmine of insights for anyone invested in the future of data security. Koksal’s discussion cuts through the jargon to reveal the heart of what makes DATAnchor a game-changer in the industry.

The key takeaway? Security doesn’t have to be a roadblock to efficiency. In Koksal’s vision, it’s a seamless part of the business that doesn’t disrupt the pattern of productivity.

For a deeper dive into how DATAnchor is revolutionizing data security and to soak in more of Emre Koksal’s invaluable wisdom, tune into the full podcast episode.

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