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In this article, we’ll be diving into a podcast episode featuring Goutham Jay, the innovative mind behind In this episode, Goutham sheds light on the challenges of entrepreneurship, offering invaluable insights into the world of digital marketing and customer engagement.

He talks about his journey with, a platform revolutionizing how companies use their social proof to their benefit.

Who is Goutham Jay?

Goutham Jay, Founder of has a background steeped in software development and a passion for innovative solutions. He founded as not just a business venture but as a solution to a challenge faced by creators and entrepreneurs globally.

The challenge is to effectively collect and showcase social proof. is looking to simplify this process and make it easy for companies and creators to utilize social proof to their advantage.

You can follow Goutham on LinkedIn and Twitter for more insights into his entrepreneurial journey.

Podcast Summary:

The Inception of

Timestamp: [00:00 – 01:04]

Goutham’s brainchild,, is pretty much what happens when you’re fed up with the old-school headache of collecting testimonials. Picture this: You’re a creator, and gathering those precious words of praise feels like a treasure hunt, except not fun.

Enter It’s like the cool breeze on a hot day for creators. No more digging through emails or pestering people for feedback. Goutham gets it – he knows the hassle, and he’s all about making things simpler. isn’t just another platform; it’s the easy button for snagging that social proof and boosting customer trust.

Building in Public: A Strategy for Trust and Transparency

Timestamp: [01:38 – 02:40]

What’s really cool about Goutham’s approach with is how he’s throwing the doors wide open and building it right in front of everyone. It’s like he’s invited us all to a behind-the-scenes party where we get to see everything – the wins, the whoops moments, everything.

People love it. It’s like he’s not just selling a service; he’s building trust by being as transparent as possible. Watching Goutham navigate both the high fives and facepalms of his journey doesn’t just build credibility; it creates this real, human connection. Customers don’t just see a product; they see a person, a story they can root for.

Tackling Entrepreneurial Burnout

Timestamp: [02:40 – 04:43]

Goutham Jay, Founder of gets real about a topic that hits home for many of us: burnout. And he’s not just talking theory; he’s been there, juggling tasks until everything feels like a blur. And here’s the kicker – he’s not shy about sharing the nitty-gritty of hitting the brakes and finding that sweet spot between work and life.

Goutham’s not just dishing out advice; he’s sharing a piece of his journey, making it super relatable. He’s all about knowing when to step back, recharge, and jump back in.

Strategies for Growth and Customer Acquisition

Timestamp: [05:14 – 06:17]

Here’s where things get juicy with Goutham dishing out the details on’s growth and how they’re snagging new customers. He’s not just sticking to the usual Twitter and LinkedIn spiel. Nope, he’s casting a wider net, eyeing those small businesses and solo creators. 

Goutham’s playing it smart, reaching out to the non-techy entrepreneurs and small biz owners, showing them what can do. He’s tapping into folks who are looking for exactly what offers but don’t even know it yet.

The Role of Cold Outreach and Social DMs

Timestamp: [09:56 – 11:29]

Goutham spilled the beans on his cold outreach adventures, and guess what? He’s found that sliding into someone’s social DMs works way better than sending those frosty cold emails. When you drop a message in someone’s DMs, it’s like a virtual handshake – they get a sense of who you are right off the bat. This authenticity makes social DMs a solid way to get your foot in the door.

With DMs, it’s easier for potential customers to size you up and see if you’re the real deal. It’s about cutting through the noise and making a genuine connection.

The Journey Towards Scaling

Timestamp: [13:08 – 15:21]

As picks up steam, Goutham’s got his eyes on the prize – hitting $5k in monthly recurring revenue. He’s cool with the slow and steady approach, knowing that good things take time to build. It’s not just about quick wins; it’s about setting solid foundations.

Looking ahead, Goutham’s thinking about bringing some new faces on board. He sees hiring not just as expanding the team, but as a chance to soak up new ideas and get even better at what they do.

Building an Audience and Engagement Tips

Timestamps: [16:27 – 19:29]

Goutham Jay, Founder of got a tip for upcoming entrepreneurs looking to build their audience: it’s all about engaging with a personal touch. He suggests ditching the generic advice and instead sharing your own stories and lessons. It’s like inviting your audience for a chat, rather than giving a lecture.

When you open up about your own journey, failures and successes, it resonates more. This approach not only attracts people but keeps them coming back for more, because they’re connecting with a real person, not just a brand.

In a nutshell, Goutham’s saying, “Be yourself and share your unique experiences.” That’s the secret sauce for building an audience that sticks around.

Conclusion: Goutham Jay of

This podcast episode featuring Goutham Jay is a must-listen for entrepreneurs. He shares valuable insights from starting to handling growth and focusing on personal well-being. It’s a mix of inspiration and practical advice. Watch the entire episode for an in-depth look at his innovative and resilient approach in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

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