Yeply Founder Antti Känsälä on How They Merge SaaS with Hands-On Services to Repair Bikes in Europe

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In this must-listen podcast episode, we dive deep into the fascinating world of tech-enabled mechanic services with none other than Antti Känsälä, the innovative mind behind Yeply. This episode goes through the challenges and triumphs of transforming a traditional industry with cutting-edge technology.

Antti, co-founder and CEO of Yeply shares his unique perspective, blending a passion for biking with technological acumen. “We’re not your typical tech company,” Antti remarks, setting the stage for an insightful discussion about redefining the norms of an entire industry.

How to Antti Känsälä?

Antti Känsälä, founder of Yeply, brings an unconventional twist to the entrepreneurial landscape. His journey is not the usual tech-founder story; it’s a blend of technological expertise and a deep-rooted love for biking.

Antti’s venture, Yeply, is redefining bike maintenance, transitioning it from a cumbersome chore to an accessible, tech-driven service. Antti’s approach isn’t just about fixing bikes; it’s about enhancing customer experiences and making sustainable transportation more reliable and enjoyable.

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Summary of the Podcast

Introduction to Antti Känsälä and Yeply

Timestamp: [00:00]

Antti Känsälä, co-founder of Yeply, introduces his unique business model, which diverges from typical tech startups by focusing on tech-enabled operational services, specifically bike maintenance. He shares insights about the company’s origins and goals, emphasizing its non-traditional approach in combining technology with a traditionally low-tech industry.

Antti’s Background and Motivation

Timestamp: [00:42]

Antti discusses his journey from the tech industry to founding Yeply, driven by personal experiences and challenges in bike maintenance, particularly from a non-biker perspective. He highlights his motivation to transform bike maintenance into a desirable, customer-friendly service.

Early Challenges and Customer-Centric Approach

Timestamp: [02:23]

Känsälä recounts the initial challenges of starting Yeply, emphasizing the importance of customer experience. He describes the process of testing their concept by bringing bike maintenance services directly to neighborhoods and focusing on the seamless integration of digital and physical customer interactions.

Ambition and Vision for Yeply

Timestamp: [04:23]

Antti and his co-founder set high ambitions from the start, aiming to create the biggest and best bike maintenance company. He details the early steps in realizing this vision, including setting aggressive timelines and balancing differing perspectives with his co-founder.

Building a Strong Company Culture

Timestamp: [05:54]

Känsälä touches on the challenges of translating the company’s vision and values to a growing team. He stresses the importance of hiring top talent, trusting instincts, and ensuring a strong internal culture to reflect positively on customer interactions.

Operational Strategies and International Expansion

Timestamp: [10:20]

Antti shares strategies for scaling Yeply, including adapting to remote work dynamics and selecting the right leaders for international expansion. He emphasizes the importance of being physically present in new markets to understand and address local challenges and culture.

Leveraging Technology in Bike Maintenance

Timestamp: [13:01]

Känsälä explains how Yeply uses technology to streamline the customer journey and maintain various sustainable transport modes. He discusses the evolution of their tech platform, initially created out of necessity, which now plays a crucial role in operations and data analysis.

Challenges with Outsourcing and In-House Tech Development

Timestamp: [19:31]

Antti reflects on the challenges of developing Yeply’s tech platform, initially outsourced to an agency and later brought in-house. He highlights the flexibility and funding challenges in tech development and the strategic decision to internalize the tech team.

Navigating Market Challenges and Future Optimism

Timestamp: [21:10]

Känsälä candidly discusses navigating financial market challenges, emphasizing the importance of founder support networks and resilience. He expresses cautious optimism for the future, noting positive market trends.

Conclusion and Contact Information

Timestamp: [23:23]

The podcast concludes with Antti expressing hope for Yeply’s growth and providing contact information for those interested in their services.


This podcast episode with Antti Känsälä isn’t just an exploration of Yeply’s journey; it’s a masterclass in innovation, resilience, and the power of combining technology with everyday needs.

Antti’s insights provide valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. For those seeking to understand the intersection of technology, sustainability, and practical solutions, listening to the full episode is a must.

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