10 underrated product marketing blogs every SaaS PMM must follow

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Product Marketing Management is becoming very popular in SaaS. Zippia reports more than 44,000 PMMs in the US alone, averaging around $112,000 annually. With such a growing role, where are the best blogs to get started in product marketing or grow your skills if you’re already one?

1. Product Marketing Alliance 

This is the most popular blog dedicated to product marketing. It covers various product marketing topics, including go-to-market strategy, competitive intelligence, sales, messaging, pricing, and OKRs. 

The blog also serves as a 90,000-member community for PMMs and hosts weekly live sessions interviewing PMMs about their career and experiences. They also release in-depth guides and comprehensive reports to equip you with everything product marketing. 

Richard King started the blog in 2019 with the mission of uniting product marketers worldwide to highlight the role of the product marketing industry. They offer certified courses, too for anybody who wants to start a career in product marketing on a strong foot. 

One of our favorite blog posts on the site: Conversion copywriting: transform your prospects into fully-fledged customers.

2. Product Marketing Community

The Medium publication highlights the difference between product management and product marketing. It shares valuable insights that’ll help any newbie Product Marketer get up to speed with their roles.  

One of our favorite blog posts on the site: Product Marketing vs. Product Management: What’s the Difference?

3. We are Product Marketing

COVID must have hit them pretty hard for this publication not to release a new article on Medium since 2020, but their writings are packed with rich tips and insights on what it takes to be a Product Marketer. 

The blog was started in 2018 to help people “understand the role of Product Marketing from the people doing the job.” 

Top product marketing experts wrote each article, including Tamara Grominsky, former Director of Product Marketing at Unbounce.

One of our favorite blog posts on the site: A Product Marketer’s guide to Feature Launches.

4. The ProductLed Blog

Wes Bush founded ProductLed as a spinoff of his bestselling book, Product-Led Growth. The blog educates its readers on product-led growth, a modern strategy for growing sales by offering a free version of your product and helping users find success with it so that they’ll convert into loyal, paid customers. 

The blog helps founders and product marketers with practical strategies to grow and promote their businesses through product-led marketing and other unique methods. 

One of our favorite blog posts on the site: Product-Led Marketing: The Skills Marketers Need to Succeed.

5. Tamara Grominsky

Tamara is an award-winning product marketing marketer, VP of Product Marketing at Kajabi, and former Director of Product Marketing at Unbounce. 

Every Sunday, she drops one practical product marketing nugget from her PMM Office Hours newsletter to help you build effective go-to-market strategies for your company. And you can trust these strategies – she’s tried them and seen the results.

6. Mike Urbonas

Mike Urbonas has worked in senior product marketing and consulting roles at different software companies. 

He journals juicy product marketing advice, tips, and his experiences working in enterprise SaaS and combines it with his knowledge of data analytics and customer experience management (CXM). 

SaaS nerds, you’ll love this one! 

One of our favorite blog posts on the site: Beware “The Curse of Too Much Knowledge”.

7. The Product Marketer

This Substack blog launched only a year ago, but it’s filled with incredible facts, ideas, and news about the world of product marketing. 

You’ll find eye-opening content, including how to build a good product marketing team, roadmaps, and essential tools from the perspective of a real Product Marketer, Rory Woodbridge, author of the blog.

One of our favorite blog posts on the site: What is Product Marketing?

8. Product Marketing Starter

This bi-weekly Substack newsletter is stacked with value. It covers topics such as personas, go-to-market strategies, and interviews with Product Marketers sharing strategies and tips from their experiences. 

Funmilola Adeniyi started this newsletter to document her product marketing journey and the lessons she learned along the way. If you’re a new product marketer starting the journey or an experienced PMM looking to brush up on a couple of things, this blog is a must-read.

One of our favorite blog posts on the site: A 7-Step guide for creating personas.

9. Olivine Marketing blog

Olivine Marketing is a top product marketing agency transforming products into powerful stories that sell. Their articles cover product marketing tips, insights, and tactics for B2B SaaS.

The topics are endless – Copywriting, Frameworks, Product Launch, GTM Strategy, Storytelling, Driving Revenue, and more.

One of our favorite blog posts on the site: Product Marketing should be using storytelling at every stage of the product life cycle, here’s why

10. HubSpot’s Marketing Blog

HubSpot has built a reputation for being the #1 resource library for everything related to sales and marketing for small businesses. Even if it’s not a SaaS product marketing blog, you’ll still find valuable tips and tricks to help you take your product marketing to the next level.

Their in-depth guides, articles, and newsletters are loaded with original tips and strategies to ace your inbound marketing (a lead-generation marketing tactic that makes your target customer approach you first instead of you going first). 

The company was started by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006 as a software and services library to help Product Managers and Sales teams make the most of their business through practical tools and apps. 

It’s more than just a Content Marketing machine; the HubSpot blog is a gem if you’re looking for marketing and sales strategy topics, effective communication, and demand generation.

One of our favorite blog posts on the site: The 20 Best Marketing Articles of All Time, According to HubSpot’s Marketing Team.

We hope these resources will give you the right tips and advice you need to boost your product marketing game or perhaps help your new product manager start on the right foot in your company. If you’re looking for more resources on product marketing, check out our articles here.

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