Importance of Internal Communication for SaaS Product Launch

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Having a well-thought-out internal communication launch plan, plus a strong external marketing strategy, is one way to have a successful product launch for your SaaS business.

We’ll explore how internal communications are important to your product launch in this article.

What Is Internal Communication For Product Launch?

Internal communication for product launch refers to the process of sharing the product launch strategy with the various teams, clarifying their roles, and ensuring everyone is on the same page with the product launch.

Importance Of Internal Communications For Product Launch

  • Ensures the success of a product launch, since it is equally important as your external marketing strategies.
  • Coordinates and keeps the team informed before the launch.
  • Helps to keep preparations for the product launch in check with every team working towards a common objective.

5 Things To Do To Execute Internal Communications

#1 Pass on the right information to the right team

You need to consider the various teams’ roles when communicating information across for a product launch.

For instance, the marketing team needs to understand the launch objective, target audiences, positioning statement, product description, and key activities and timelines. They also need to understand the promotional activities and pricing details.

The sales team also needs to be familiar with specific features of the product and how it works. 

#2 Time it properly 

A successful launch requires proper timing. You need to communicate the timeline from internal launch to external launch to your team properly.

It allows your teams enough time to schedule, plan, test, and practice their strategies, you need to carefully define the stages of your product launch and schedule accordingly. 

The stages include: initial planning, pre-launch, demo launch, launch, and post-launch.

#3 Make use of different channels

Using different channels to effectively communicate your message internally is just as important as communicating your message externally. The communication channels that work well for one group may not be the same for another.

For instance, salespeople may prefer virtual or in-person meetings, while the devs may opt for communication mediums like email updates. Go with the channels your team members are most comfortable with, then use a secondary channel to reinforce the message.

#4 Use internal communication tools

Chat tools like Slack are a great platform for keeping in touch with your team for feedback, suggestions, testing, and announcing significant steps for official launches. They’re excellent for efficient and quick discussions regarding product launches. 

Changelog tools like, are also useful for providing descriptive documentation, product briefs, and updates concerning the launch. This tool makes internal communication even more efficient. 

Workspace tools, like Notion, provide enough virtual workspace for planning, communication, sharing, and practicing. They also offer various features such as documentation, chat, meet, and a calendar to help have smooth internal communication.

# 5 Reduce the jargon

It’s best to steer clear of using marketing language when communicating with colleagues who are not part of the marketing department. Instead, keep your messages concise and straightforward.

Internal Product Launch Checklist

Now that we have everything in place for a good internal communications launch plan, you need to prepare a product launch checklist.

A checklist or template can simplify organizing launch activities needed for the new product. This helps the team to coordinate and monitor the release activities, dependencies, and deliverables. The checklist can serve as a guide towards the product launch.

Here is a template, divided into categories based on the tasks involved: product development, marketing, systems management, sales, customer support, and feedback.


Tailor this launch plan to suit your specific product, company, and target audience.

Send Product Launch Communication Emails

It is a good idea to send an email informing everyone in the company about the product launch, a couple of days before the launch.

Your aim is to transform all the employees in your company into a passionate and knowledgeable marketing squad who can spread the word about your product effectively. 

Below is a product launch communication email example:

Source: Viral Loops

Launching a new product comes with the occasional communication challenge. Providing clear and well detailed information will help prepare your team for a successful product launch.

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