Creating a SaaS Product Launch Communication Plan

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So you’re launching a new product. Be it your first try or one-hundredth time, developing a clear and concise communication product launch plan is essential. We’ll look at how to effectively create a SaaS product launch communications plan in this article.

Fundamentals Of Product Launch Communication

Before your product launch, you want to ensure that the information needed to execute it effectively is passed on. When communicating your product launch, try to keep the following things in mind:


To effectively communicate your plan, consider the respective roles in the product launch team.

  • Ensure the launch team understands the launch’s objective, target audiences, positioning statement, key messages, and the problems your product solves. Provide a clear product description and outline the key activities and timelines for the launch. Also, keep them in the loop about ongoing lead generation and awareness campaigns.
  • The sales team should know the product’s specific features and how it works. They must know how to sell and support users effectively by providing in-depth knowledge and training.
  • Keep the marketing team well-informed about the product’s unique selling points, target audiences, and key messages. They should be aware of the promotional activities and campaigns to market the product effectively to users.


Timing is key. Make sure that everyone receives accurate information and materials to implement during every phase of the product launch process.

  • Initial planning: In this phase, you set goals, nail down the product positioning, define metrics, and understand your target market. 
  • Pre-launch: Develop compelling content, plan sales training, organize key launch events, and strategize marketing activities.
  • Launch day: Unveil your product to the users through various channels.
  • Post-launch: Evaluate the metrics. Gather feedback from customers and stakeholders. 


When launching your product, consider varying your methods based on user preferences. For instance, some users may prefer catching the updates on social media or in-app notifications, while others may favor email. It’s essential to know what works best for the users and use multiple methods to ensure the message is delivered effectively.


Like the sales team, the support team needs training on the new product and how to assist users when they hit a snag. If you launch a product for the first time, setting up a support system and letting the users know about it is very important. It sends a message of care and lays a brick to build user loyalty.

Tips For A Successful Product Launch Communication Plan

#1 Explore alternatives to emails

Communicating through email is an effective means of communication. However, you can explore other alternatives, like in-app notifications or social media. In-app notifications and social media offer a direct, real-time way to engage with your users, providing updates, enhancing user experience, and fostering strong customer relationships.

#2 Get external stakeholders involved in early stages

From beta testing to guest blogging, involving external stakeholders like experienced VCs and older SaaS founders is one of the ways to a successful product launch. You can gather them virtually with a project management tool like Jira, where you take everyone through the launch process.

#3 Use of chatbots

Chatbots can be extremely helpful when you are managing multiple conversations or interacting with a large number of users. They are more reliable than traditional methods like email, ensuring your messages are seen instantly. Chatbots are excellent time-savers and effort-reducers.

#4 Less is more

When promoting a new product launch, keep it simple. You don’t need to overwhelm users with too much information or try to reach everyone at once. The key is to inform those who need to know about the launch. The most important thing is keeping them updated.

#5 Backup plan

Having a backup plan is a smart thing to do in case things don’t go as expected. You can include an extra email list or switch to a different mode of communication. Maintaining communication with your team and users is important, even if the primary method of communication fails.


Clear communication is key for a successful product launch. By implementing the tips we’ve shared, you can develop a solid product launch plan that will keep everyone informed and ready to tackle any unforeseen obstacles.

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