The Top Product Marketing Podcasts for 2023

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We gathered a list of the top podcasts dedicated to product marketing. These audio knowledge bombs explore strategies and campaigns that worked, those that failed, and tips and tricks of the trade. They also offer firsthand insight from interviews with product marketing leaders in top organizations, including their stories and advice to get you the help you need to grow your business. You can find all these on any popular podcast player. 

1. Product Marketing Life | 35mins | 2x a month 

Best for: guests from heavy-hitters like Uber

Product Marketing Life is hosted by Product Marketing Alliance, arguably the biggest product marketing community globally. This podcast takes a deep dive into the daily work life of product marketing managers at some of the biggest companies like HubSpot, Intercom, and Uber. All you need to do is plug in your headset on your daily commute to soak in stories from these top leaders.

2. The Product Marketing Experts | 35mins | Weekly 

Best for: career advice

The host of this podcast is Jeffery Vocell, the head of Product Marketing at Narvar. Each week, he sits down with top product marketing experts to talk about their journey and offer guidance on how to start and grow your product marketing career.

3. Product Marketing Careers | 30mins | Weekly

Best for: a host with serious cred

Al Dea, former Senior Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce, has already interviewed product marketing leaders at Zendesk, LinkedIn, and Twilio. Take just about 30 minutes of your time to listen to professionals who share their experience about the profession, including real achievements to target and the most important skills to develop to succeed in this role. 

4. Product Marketing Insider | 30 mins | 2x a month 

Best for: getting started right

PMI is a part of the network of podcasts by the Product Marketing Alliance. Host Lawrence Chapman discusses various topics on product marketing and picks the brains of industry experts in 30 minutes. You’ll learn everything from product marketing OKRs to product messaging and proper GTM strategies and advice. 

5. This is Product Marketing | 30mins | Monthly

Best for: PMM leaders 

Thought leaders and experts offer deep insights on product marketing and product management on this podcast. “This is Product Marketing” is hosted by PMMHive, an online community of product marketers.

6. New to Product Marketing | 35mins | Weekly 

Best for: newbies

This podcast is for product marketing newcomers by a product marketing newcomer. Maggie Bean interviews leaders who talk about product marketing fundamentals and ways to perfect your craft. She also gives fellow newbies a chance to share their stories and experiences pivoting into the space.

7. Women in Product Marketing | 35mins | Weekly

Best for: female leaders

This weekly podcast is hosted by Mary Sheehan, Product Marketing Manager at Adobe. Mary sits down with the women leading the charge in product marketing at some of the biggest tech companies as they share their success stories and secrets. This is a must-listen for any woman interested in a product marketing career who wants to know how to unlock their full potential in this field.

8. The Product Marketing AI Podcast | 17mins | Monthly

Best for: software geeks

Sean Broderick is the head of product marketing at eDesk, and his podcast sits comfortably in a unique niche: the tools and software that make the work of product marketers easier and more successful. Each month he interviews 2 product marketers who share their favorite (and least favorite tools), all in under 20 minutes.

9. Thrills and Chills: Establishing Product Marketing | 25mins | Weekly | 5 stars

Best for: startup horror stories 

With a name like that, you expect something juicy. You won’t be disappointed. This podcast interviews product marketers who share their stories – the thrills and chills – of being the first product marketer at a startup. 

It’s perfect for new product marketers or if you’re considering entering the field. It’s loaded with stories about product launch flops, the nuances of the work, the highs and lows of everyday work, and what it really takes to be a startup’s first product marketer.

Host JD Prater is the head of marketing at Arcade, a SaaS tool that allows you to build interactive demos of your product. He’s also a top product marketing mentor at Sharebird, a product marketing and product management mentoring platform. 

10. Product: Knowledge – the Product Marketing Podcast | 40mins

Laurier Mandin, founder of Graphos, an international product marketing agency, explores the art, techniques, and strategies of product marketing. He brings his years of product marketing experience to the mic and shares all his secrets, from positioning to product launches and everything in between. 

Product marketing has grown to become an integral role in modern PLG companies. But it is not easy to nail, and there’s still a lot more to learn as the industry evolves. These podcasts will equip you with the knowledge you need to be up-to-date with the latest trends, tips, and tactics.

A weekly dose of insights to grow your SaaS.

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