Top 10 Quotes by David Cancel, Drift Founder & CEO

Who’s David Cancel?

David Cancel is a tech engineer and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and CEO of Drift, a chatbot company. He’s been involved in many other startups, such as HubSpot, Performable, and Looker. He’s also the author of ‘HYPERGROWTH.’

Quotes by David Cancel, the Drift CEO:

David Cancel’s quotes are unique because they offer a rare look into the mind of a successful entrepreneur. His insights are practical and philosophical, providing valuable lessons for anyone who wants to start their own business.

1. “When you spend more time talking to “internal stakeholders” than your customers, you’ve lost the ship.”

2. “The paradigm shift is not technology driven; it’s user-behavior driven, which is what you want.”

3. “The idea isn’t to replace human marketers and salespeople; it’s to supplement their efforts. And when it comes to responding to new leads as quickly as possible, 24/ 7, there’s no denying the effectiveness of intelligent chatbots.”

4. “Roadmaps solve for the company, not the customer. What solves for the customer is non-stop testing and continuous improvement.”

5. “Customers care about being heard, and they care about having their feedback taken into account and knowing that something is being done because of that. They don’t care about when the next version of your product is coming out.”

6. “Forget about the product; forget about your ideas. Think about what’s shifting in the world”

7. “I believe that in today’s world, helping is the new selling, and customer experience is the new marketing.”

8.” if you’re building a SaaS company today, you can’t win on features. You have to win on brand.”

9.” Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work and dedication.”

10. “Don’t focus on the subject of the feedback, but on the root cause.”

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