The Ultimate List of Best Product Marketing Resources In 2023

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You’ve landed in the right spot for all the best product marketing resources in 2023. 

From insightful blogs to training courses, we’ve got a stash of resources to boost your product marketing game. So, buckle up, and let’s dive in.

Best Product Marketing Reports and Statistics

#1 State of Product Marketing 2023 by Product Marketing Alliance

With insights from over 300 product marketing pros, it’s the gold standard for getting a gist on where things are in 2023.

Whether you’re looking to size up your game plan or level up your career, this report’s got the goods. You will gain those fresh insights to help you thrive and survive in the product marketing world.

#2 OpenView Product Benchmarks Report

OpenView is a well-known VC firm that focuses on expansion-stage software companies. They release various reports and content about software businesses, metrics, GTM strategies, and more. Their Product Benchmarks explores product-led growth (PLG), from adoption to tools, metrics, and other growth levers the top PLG companies use. 

It’ll help you see how you stack up against your PLG peers or what to expect if your company is considering PLG.

#3 KeyBanc Capital Markets Saas Company Survey

The KBCM SaaS Survey report offers businesses and investors valuable benchmarks for evaluating performance and making sound strategic and financial choices. It has now become one of the industry’s preferred benchmarking guides.

You’ll gain insights from hundreds of SaaS companies, with detailed benchmarks related to organic growth, financial statistics, go-to-market strategies, and other important aspects.

Best Product Marketing Blogs

Check out these popular blogs dedicated to product marketing. 

#1 Product Marketing Alliance (PMA)

If you’re looking for a top-notch resource on product marketing, look no further than the PMA blog. This blog is the go-to site for everything related to the topic, from go-to-market strategies, competitive insights, sales, and messaging to pricing and OKRs. 

It’s also a thriving community. Every week, live sessions are hosted where PMMs share their journeys and insights. Plus, they regularly publish detailed guides and reports to keep you updated in the product marketing realm.

#2 The ProductLed Blog

This blog breaks down the concept of product-led growth (PLG). It’s a goldmine for founders and product marketers as it offers hands-on strategies to elevate your product game using product-led marketing techniques and other innovative approaches.

#3 The Product Marketer

The Substack blog is already making waves in the product marketing space. It dives deep into the nitty-gritty of product marketing, serving up a hearty mix of cool facts, actionable ideas, and the latest industry buzz.

Looking to set up a rockstar product marketing team? Or get a handle on roadmaps and must-have tools. Rory’s got you covered with insights straight from the front lines. Give it a read.

Best Product Marketing Podcasts

Podcasts have become a go-to source for on-the-go learning, especially in product marketing. 

They blend in-depth insights with breezy, conversational vibes, making it easier to absorb complex topics while sipping your morning brew or winding down after a hectic day. On that note, add these 3 podcasts to your playlist.

#1 Product Marketing Life

“Product Marketing Life,” hosted by the Product Marketing Alliance (PMA), gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the daily hustle of product marketing managers from industry giants like HubSpot, Intercom, and Uber. Just pop in your headphones during your commute and immerse yourself in eye-opening tales from these industry leaders.

#2 The Product Marketing Experts

Jeffery Vocell, who leads Product Marketing at Narvar, hosts this engaging podcast. Every week, he chats with leading product marketing professionals, delving into their career paths and sharing priceless advice on kickstarting and thriving in the product marketing field.

#3 Product Marketing Insider

Hosted by Lawrence Chapman, this podcast dives deep into the world of product marketing in just 30 minutes. Chatting with industry pros, you’ll gain insights on everything from product marketing OKRs and crafting the right messaging to effective go-to-market strategies. It’s a concise, value-packed listen for anyone keen on the subject.

If you want a complete list of our top 10 product marketing podcasts, you can find it here

Best YouTube Product Marketing Channels

YouTube is a treasure trove for anyone diving into any topic. There are content creators on almost every subject, breaking down complex topics and making learning easy.

But it seems product marketing is still yet to be covered on a large scale. We did a deep dive, spending hours on YouTube searching for the best channels dedicated to product marketing. We found only one worthy to be on the list as the majority were just random single videos on product marketing. 

#1 Henry Wang

As an ex-Google PMM, Henry’s goal is to “teach product marketing in a simple, digestible, and fun way”, as he says on his YouTube channel. He shares product marketing tips and interviews experts in the field on his channels. 

With over 10+ years of product marketing experience, Henry has built and scaled product marketing at several high-growth startups in the IoT, edtech, and adtech (advertising technology) spaces.

If you want to launch and grow your product marketing career, Henry Wang is your go-to channel. 

Best Books on Product Marketing

For deep dives, books can’t be beaten. They offer detailed strategies, real-world examples, and expert wisdom. Check out our top picks of books to boost your product marketing knowledge.

#1 Loved: How to Rethink Marketing for Tech Products

Even the best products can fail in the market if they’re up against products with superior product marketing. Outstanding product marketing can be the deciding factor between products that lead the pack and those that just blend in. 

In this book, Martina shares what leading companies like Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, and Salesforce do well and how you can apply them to transform product marketing at your company. You’ll learn essential skills and tips for effective product marketing, how to hire, lead, and structure a product marketing team, and more. 

With real stories and research, you learn to do marketing that truly resonates. A must-read for product teams, marketers, founders, and visionary leaders.

#2 The Product Marketing Manager: Responsibilities and Best Practices in a Technology Company

If you’re in the field of Product Marketing Management or work with someone who is, this book is indispensable. Beyond defining the role, it delves into real-world scenarios, mixing stories and life lessons from the author’s journey alongside insights from industry pros.

Whether you’re:

– Eyeing a career in Product Marketing Management,

– New to the scene and seeking direction,

– A seasoned pro hunting for fresh inspiration, or

– Simply curious about what your Product Marketing co-worker does,

This book offers clarity, guidance, and a wealth of knowledge tailored just for you.

#3 Obviously Awesome

Looking for the secrets to standout product positioning? April Dunford, a tech executive and positioning guru, has them. With 16 product launches from her startup days and countless more as a consultant, Dunford knows how to cut through a saturated market.

Her latest book is a guide to uncovering and selling your product’s “secret sauce”. Her book isn’t just informative—it’s a delightful read with stories and use cases. You’ll discover:

– The five elements of positioning

– Tips to immediately highlight your product’s value to your audience

– Strategies to identify the best market for your product, and more.

Best Product Marketing Training Courses

#1 Product Marketing Certified Core

This leading certification program from the Product Marketing Alliance takes you through every aspect of product marketing, from research to optimization. Whether it’s nailing pricing strategies, mastering market research, understanding OKRs and KPIs, or crafting the perfect messaging, PMMC covers it all. 

For current and budding product marketing managers, this course offers a blueprint to effectively market and sell products, giving you a competitive edge. Trusted by big names like Facebook, Microsoft, and HubSpot, this course is a go-to for brands aiming to arm their product marketers with the best tools for success.

#2 The Product Marketing Minidegree by CXL

The Product Marketing Minidegree isn’t just another course—it’s a curated experience. What sets it apart? It’s the top 1% of instructors from companies like Clickup and Drift, handpicked based on their expertise. 

The mini-degree is packed with 30+ hours of videos and training materials covering topics like pricing & packaging, content research, product launches, customer storytelling, competitive research, customer data, segmentation, and much more.  

Just a heads-up: This isn’t for the rookies. It’s an advanced training program tailored for those already familiar with the industry. 

#3 Product Marketing Foundations on LinkedIn Learning

True to its name, this course lays down the basics of product marketing. It sweeps through the various stages of the product marketing framework, giving you a quick grasp of the essentials.

If you’re looking to understand product-market fit (PMF) or the difference between product marketing, traditional marketing, and product management, this is a perfect starting point. Designed with beginners in mind, it offers a snapshot of a typical day in the life of a product marketing team.

Plus, this course has been approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Which means completing it qualifies for professional development units (PDUs) for an academic program.

Best Product Marketing Events to Attend

Going to conferences and events is a fantastic way to see how companies are thriving, make new product marketing friends, and chat with some of the coolest brains in the industry.

Check out these product marketing events you shouldn’t miss!

#1 Product Marketing World Summits

Hosted by: Product Marketing Alliance

The Product Marketing World Summits are major events where PMMs from across the globe come together. Experts from leading companies and exciting new startups gather at various locations in Europe, North America, and Asia to network, discuss, and share their experiences, challenges, and tips with fellow product marketers.

#2 Product Marketing Festival

Hosted by: Product Marketing Alliance

The Product Marketing Festival is an online event designed for product marketers to dive deep into their craft with insights from over 70 product marketing experts. If you’re finding it tough to design effective campaigns for your audience, this event has you covered. 

You can watch the live sessions for free, but if you want replay access, there’s an annual membership fee of $499.

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