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What is Nathan Latka’s net worth?

Nathan Latka’s net worth is around $10 million. Nathan is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Founderpath, a SaaS startup funding platform, and host of The Top Entrepreneurs podcast. He’s also the creator of GetLatka, a SaaS database containing data on private SaaS companies, including their owners, valuation, revenue, and more.

Early Life and Education

Nathan was born on 3rd October 1989, in the United States. Nathan has two degrees from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute – a B.Arch in Architecture and a BSc in Business Finance.


Starting Heyo from his dorm room 

Nathan Latka’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2010 when he founded Heyo at 19 in his dorm room. Heyo was a SaaS company that helped founders get email leads and drive sales by creating Facebook contests and mobile-optimized landing pages to capture emails. With the financial crisis still looming, nobody was hiring architects. Nathan wanted to make his own money without depending on a job. 

As a millennial, he knew how Facebook worked. So he did what any crazy college guy would do: he cold-called random company executives on Facebook to offer to create fan pages for them for $700 each. After his first 100 successful sales, he decided to automate this process. He built a tool that allowed others to build custom Facebook fan pages for $30 a month. This tool was the foundation of Heyo. 

Heyo hit 6 figures in its first year, getting thousands of monthly paying customers and raising $2.5 million in capital. Heyo’s products expanded to hosting webinars, which became its biggest source of revenue. It generated $5 million in revenue at its peak, with 10,000 customers paying $30-$300/month. Nathan sold Heyo to Votigo, their #1 competitor, in February 2016. 

All the way to The Top

Latka launched The Top Entrepreneur (The Top for short) podcast in 2015. The Top is a show where he interviews SaaS founders and CFOs on running a startup, metrics, revenue numbers, and more. The podcast averages 10-15 thousand listens per episode and has crossed 10 million downloads worldwide. 

How he started Founderpath

Nathan has always been supportive of small businesses. After 1000s of interviews with SaaS founders and execs, Nathan compiled an Excel file of data from his interviews. Founders kept asking him for help on how to raise capital, debt, or equity. He started doing that casually, but as the numbers kept rising, he saw that most of these founders wanted to raise capital without sacrificing equity. And that’s how Founderpath was born in 2020. Founderpath helps founders, especially bootstrapped founders, get capital while still having 100% ownership of their companies and total freedom to operate.

Founderpath has grown quickly and competes with companies like Stripe Capital and Pipe. As of July 2022, it has successfully given over $60million in capital to founders. In October 2022, Latka’s Founderpath acquired SaaSOpen, one of the largest SaaS founder communities.

Nathan spends his time connecting and speaking with founders through Founderpath and SaaSOpen events. 


  • Built fan pages for executives on Facebook.
  • Founded Heyo in Nov. 2010. Makes about $1 million in the first year.
  • Nathan hosts The Top Entrepreneur podcast in 2015.
  • Heyo raises $2.5 million capital. Generates $5 million ARR. Acquired by Votigo.
  • Nathan starts Founderpath, a SaaS funding company.
  • Founderpath funds cross $60 million. Acquires SaaSOpen, one of the largest SaaS communities for founders. 

Quotes by Nathan Latka

  1. “There’s nothing wrong with growing a company at your own pace. $5m bootstrapped growing 30% YOY with profits is a great lifestyle.”
  1. “Anyone who tells you ‘you must raise VC to scale fast!’ is being silly.”
  1. “Knowledge is most powerful when people don’t know you have it.”

4. “A big part of selling a business is considering its future profitability and potential.”

5. “You can’t ask people to buy your company, so you have to think unconventionally, and get outside the box.”

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