What is Olivier Pomel’s net worth in 2022?

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Olivier Pomel

Who is Olivier Pomel?

According to Forbes, Olivier Pomel is among the richest people in the world, with a current net worth of about $2.3 billion (as of 14th Sept 2022). He is the co-founder and CEO of Datadog, the cloud-based monitoring and analytics company. Olivier is 45 years old. 

Early Life

Olivier grew up in France. He later moved to New York in the USA, where he currently lives to date. Mr. Pomel received his M.S. in Computer Science from Ecole Centrale Paris.

Fun fact: Olivier is one of the original makers of the VLC media player, the media player which was a project by students at Ecole Centrale!


Olivier began his career working as a software engineer at IBM Research labs. In 2002, he became V.P. of Technology at Wireless Generation, a SaaS company, where he built data systems for K-12 teachers. In his time as V.P., the development team grew from a handful of people to nearly 100 of the best engineers in New York. He would later combine with his future business partner, Alexis Lê-Quôc, at this same company. In 2010, News Corp acquired Wireless Generation.

That same year, along with Alexis, Olivier co-founded Datadog, a SaaS monitoring and analytics platform for cloud applications that small and large organizations use. He currently leads the company as its Chief Executive Officer. Datadog launched its IPO in 2019, nabbing nearly $11 billion market cap. He officially joined the billionaires club in 2020 after shares of Datadog went up the roof. The company currently employs over 3200 people. 

Olivier is an experienced investor and has invested in 30 companies.

Olivier co-founded Datadog with his friend and former co-worker Alexis


  • V.P. of technology at Wireless Generation
  • Co-founded Datadog
  • CEO of Datadog
  • Datadog’s market cap at $10.9 billion


  • Short-term failure is a source of long-term success.
  • The most important decision you’ll make as a product organization is where you spend your time. 
  • In difficult times like this pandemic, take care of the people first.
  • I think it’s not a good idea to obsess over the competition. It’s a much better idea to obsess over the customer.
  • Whenever I was tempted to read more about competitors and look at what they’re doing, instead, I’d go and spend time with customers or potential customers. This way, you avoid overfitting what you’re doing to what you think the competition is doing. 
  • The problem is that most companies end up being either sales-driven or engineering-driven, and if you want to be customer-focused, you can’t be either of those. 
  • Focus on the customer helps navigate many questions.
  • Look for the bad news. Run towards the bad news, whether it’s early when you just shipped a product or whether it’s late when you’re renewing a big customer. 
  • The wrong thing to do is, you know there’s some issue in an account, and then you show up in front of the customer and hope they’re not going to bring it up.
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