What is Andrew Gazdecki’s net worth?

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Who is Andrew Gazdecki?

Andrew Gazdecki is the Founder and CEO of MicroAcquire. Before then, he founded Bizness Apps and sold it to a private equity firm before age thirty. He founded Altcoin, a decentralized exchange (DEX) for trading digital assets. His companies have been featured several times in blogs such as TechCrunch. His estimated net worth is about $50 million.

Andrew Gazdecki

Early Life

Andrew Gazdecki was born in 1985 in Poland. When he was three, his family immigrated to the United States and settled in Chicago. His father worked as a car mechanic, and his mother was a stay–at–home mom. Gazdecki was an average student in school but was always interested in entrepreneurship. When he was 16, he started his first business, a website design company. Andrew studied at California State University and currently holds a BA in Business Marketing. 


Andrew Gazdecki‘s career began in the corporate world, where he worked in sales and marketing but not for long. He was a fan of tech and also had that entrepreneurial drive. In 2010 he founded Bizness Apps while still in college. Bizness Apps is a platform that allows businesses to create and manage their own mobile apps. He later sold it to private equity firm Think3 three years later.

He hit gold again with his second venture, Altcoin, a decentralized exchange (DEX) for trading digital assets, which was a success with crypto traders because it prioritized security. Investment firm BnkToTheFuture also acquired it.

Andy currently acts as the CEO of MicroAcquire and invests in startups. 


  • Created Bizness Apps while still in college.
  • Bizness apps acquired by Think3
  • Altcoin was acquired by BnkToTheFuture.
  • Founded MicroAcquire

Favorite Quotes

  • A good brand story elevates companies above the competition. While someone can copy your product or service, they can’t copy your brand. So tell stories that excite your customers and align with their goals.
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