What is David Friedberg’s Net Worth in 2023? | Bio & Career

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  • David Friedberg is an American entrepreneur and an angel investor.
  • He started off his career by setting up The Climate Corporation and even led it as CEO.
  • He’s the founder of The Production Board (TPB).
  • He’s also a co-host of the All-In podcast.

Net worth

David Friedberg’s net worth is around $1 billion as of 2023, making up the 2nd biggest portion of the All In Podcast net worth. He co-hosts the All In Pod with 3 others.

He took a risk by investing in agriculture, a sector that could have failed. Despite facing challenges head-on, his impressive entrepreneurial skills led him to earn millions.

In addition, he has had several successful investments. Friedberg’s net worth has significantly increased due to the stocks he owns. 

Early life

Friedberg was born in South Africa in 1980 and later moved with his family to Los Angeles, California when he was 6 years old. He enrolled in Clarkson University located in Potsdam, New York when he was 16.

After a year there, he moved to the University of California, Berkeley and got a part-time job doing mathematical modeling at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Astrophysics in 2001.



Friedberg spent years working in investment banking and private equity before heading into the tech industry. In March 2004, he became a part of the Google family when the company was still in its early stages, being among the first 1,000 employees to join. He was also a key part of the founding team of Google’s Corporate Development group.

As a Corporate Development and Business Product Manager, Friedberg was in charge of managing Google’s online advertising platform, AdWords. In addition to that, he handled negotiations for company acquisitions. 

The Climate Corporation

In 2006, Friedberg started his entrepreneurial journey with his first venture, WeatherBill. The startup was all about creating and selling personalized weather insurance online. Friedberg was still at Google while working as a business product manager. 

WeatherBill got funding from a few big names in the venture capital scene – Founders Fund, Khosla Ventures, Google Ventures, NEA, Index Ventures, and Atomico.

By 2011, WeatherBill transformed into The Climate Corporation. This new venture had a clear focus – offering weather insurance to farmers and providing climate.com services to help them make more informed, field-specific decisions to boost their farming game. 

In October 2013, Monsanto announced they were acquiring The Climate Corporation for a whopping $1.1 billion. After the deal was sealed, Friedberg hopped on to Monsanto’s Executive Team. By 2016, he moved into a more advisory role.

The Production Board

In 2016, Friedberg and Larry Page had a conversation about creating and funding various startups that would address issues in different industries such as food and agriculture, decarbonization, and life sciences. Alphabet, which Larry Page owns, provided financial support to establish a holding company named The Production Board (TPB), with Friedberg as the leader. 

TPB has a portfolio of businesses under its belt, with names like Pattern Ag, Ohalo, Culture Biosciences, Triplebar Bio, Supergut, and Cana.


He’s part of the dynamic team that runs the ‘All-In‘ podcast along with his friends and co-hosts Palihapitiya, Calacanis and Sacks, chatting about everything from venture capital and tech to the economy, startups, and the political scene. This podcast boasts of more than 300k subscribers and close to 100k listeners tuning in every month. 

Personal life

Friedberg is married to Allison Bourne Friedberg with two children.

Best Quotes by David Friedberg

  • “The big winners of tomorrow will likely be the Minecraft Youtubers of today”
  • “We tend to think about new technologies linearly.. their obvious application solving a problem directly in front of us. but more often than not, the value realized from new tech is its utilization across novel applications.”
  • “As the 21st century progresses, plasma fusion could be the technology savior of our species and our planet, but it could also be the enabler of previously unconsidered opportunities.”
  • “ Experts have incentives too”
  • “The whole world has become a video game”
  • “Historically, VCs have invested $25-30B per year in private companies. Last few years it’s climbed to $100B/yr. 10M global retail investors investing $10k each in VC could match this peak (and be a new Vision Fund each year!)”
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